1000th Marathon for Dallas Runner

Irving Marathon won’t be an ordinary marathon for many people including Angela Tortorice who will be finishing her 1000th marathon and be the first woman in the US to achieve such a feat according to a Dallas Morning News article from April 1. They say, 


“It’s surreal,” Tortorice, 54, said. “I’m just anxious to cross the finish line.”


Tortorice set a Guinness World Record in 2013 for running 129 marathons in a calendar year — the most of any female. In 2021, she was named Female Marathon Maniac of the Year by the Marathon Maniacs’ Hall of Fame. She has competed in marathons in all 50 states.


At some point, she realized she was closing in on 1,000 races, as tracked by the Mega Marathon List.


“I didn’t set out to hit 1,000,” she said. “I just sort of thought, ‘Oh, I can do this.’”


But running marathons isn’t just about running and running, for Tortorice it meant something more and something bigger according to a WFAA article from April 1 which reports, 


“When I started running it was around the time my former husband was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and so I thought, I’ve got to do something to benefit my health,” Tortorice said. “It does just help you cope so much through difficult times.”

Because running has helped her, she wants it to help others.


Through marathons, Tortorice has helped raise more than a million dollars to fight multiple sclerosis, which is way more important than any world record.


“It would be nice if part of my legacy was just to make a difference in finding a cure for multiple sclerosis,” she said. “It would mean a great deal to me to actually see that happen.”


However, after finishing her 1000th mark, Angela Tortoice will immediately prepare for her 1001th marathon the following week to break her own record. 

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