8 Year Old to Donate More Than $1000 Earned from Lemonade Stand

An 8-year-old child from Plano raised more than a thousand dollars from her lemonade stand and is planning to donate it to healthcare workers according to a CBS DFW news article from September 7 which reports, 

“A recent drive past a children’s hospital in Plano got 8-year-old Mimi Saleh thinking.

“I said, ‘Dad I wanna do a lemonade stand,’ and then my dad said, ‘OK do you want to do it normally or do you want to do it like to help people?’ I said I wanted to help people,” said Saleh.

On Monday, Sept. 6, the little girl with a big idea raised more than $1,000.”

Aside from the money from selling lemonade, Saleh received praise and support from people in a Facebook post. One said, 

“That’s awesome! Great work.”

Another sarcastically praised,

“That’s 990 more than Greg Abbott.” 

Texas Health Resources also expressed its delight for Saleh in a tweet that said, 

“The future is bright with leaders with hearts as big as Mimi’s. Thank you for taking care of our healthcare workers. We salute you (with a glass of lemonade).”  

Saleh’s gesture will surely boost morale for our health workers who are continuously fighting the increasing number of Covid-19 patients. Not only will the money help fund our health workers but they will be reminded that they are not alone.

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