Alligator Found Under a Truck in a Texas Neighborhood

A massive alligator was found under a truck in a Texas neighborhood according to a  Dallas Morning News article. They say,


“A massive alligator wandered through a Texas neighborhood and found his ideal resting spot — underneath a man’s pickup truck. 


The man was headed to work early Monday morning when he spotted the 12-foot gator beneath his silver Chevrolet in Atascocita, outside Houston. 


“Talk about crazy,” the man said in a strongly worded video he posted to Facebook. “He ain’t a little one, either. Looks like he got some beef on him.”


Deputies and animal control arrive at the home where the alligator was found according to a Fort Worth Star-Telegram article. They say,


“Moments later, Harris County Precinct 4 deputies and animal control arrive at the home near 13800 North Lake Branch Lane, according to a release shared to Facebook by Constable Mark Herman. 


A man in American flag shorts lassos the gator, while several others pick up slack behind him and pull, video shows. The tug-of-war match ends with the alligator tied up, blindfolded and ready to be taken some place where it won’t make people late for work.”


The 12-foot alligator was captured and is now under Animal Control’s possession. 

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