Amber Glenn Wins Bronze at Skate America

After completing an unsuccessful run and contracting COVID-19, Amber Glenn heads to Skate America with a new coaching team according to a US Figure Skating Fanzone article. They say,


“I’d never gotten to display and show the improvements that I had made over the last two and a half years in competition fully,” she said. “I still wanted to land a triple Axel in competition. I still loved the sport, and I thought I had more to give. And I thought, ‘Well, as long as I take care of my body, and that is okay, then I want to keep doing it.'” 


But she needed a clean slate, and so she decided to part ways with her old coaching team in Texas and strike out on her own. She moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado, to train with Damon Allen, Tammy Gambill and Viktor Pfeifer. 


“Everything parted ways on great terms,” Glenn said. “I’m so thankful. It was just time for me to try something new. I couldn’t stay in the same environment or the same kind of routine that I had. I had to do something new.””


Amber Glenn then went on to win the bronze medal at Skate America according to a Local Profile article which says, 


“Plano-born figure skater Amber Glenn recently won a bronze medal, her first on the Grand Prix circuit, at Skate America. Glenn’s father Richard Glenn is a Sargent for the Plano Police Department.


Glenn scored 129.19 points for the free skate program and took home a total of 197.61 points. Despite not feeling well about the event, she placed third in the segment, as well as third in the free skate section, giving her a bronze medal. During the free skate to Ursine Vulpine’s “Without You”, she underrotated during her opening triple axel and put a hand down, but quickly recovered and landed six triple jumps.”


With her father being the sergeant of the Plano Police Department, they have posted a congratulatory tweet in recognition of her achievement.


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