American Airlines to raise pay to pilots

American Airlines has given a proposal to its pilots for an increase on their pay which will be competitive and beneficial to encourage them to stay especially after the company dropped four cities in its flights according to a CBS News article from July 1. They say, 


“American Airlines is offering pilots raises of nearly 17% by the end of 2024, a sign that the airline is trying to ameliorate the staffing shortages that have plagued the industry.


CEO Robert Isom said Thursday that the proposal would boost pilot wages at American to the levels detailed in a tentative agreement between United Airlines and its pilots. Isom said in a video sent to pilots that the airline’s workers “will be paid well, and paid competitively, no matter what.”


According to Isom, the captain of a Boeing 737 at the top of the proposed pay scale would earn a base salary of about $340,000 a year by the end of 2024. Senior captains of bigger planes, such as Boeing 777s, would earn about $425,000 a year. He said the company is also offering a premium for reassignments, a better profit-sharing program and other add-ons.”


Additionally, American Airlines will also be giving a boost pay, incentives and deals to its flight attendants according to a Dallas Morning News article from June 15 which reports, 


“American Airlines gave another round of raises and bonuses to regional airline employees, this time bumping up pay for flight attendants at Envoy, Piedmont and PSA Airlines and offering incentives to keep flying all summer.


The deals differ depending on the flight attendants’ airline and seniority, but starting flight attendants will now make at least $27 an hour when flying. The airline is also giving $3,000 retention bonuses to more senior flight attendants and “reliability incentives bonuses” of up to $4,500 for flight attendants who are active during the summer months.


“This is going to be a tough summer and we’re glad American and their wholly-owned airlines decided to work with us to provide incentives, make it more manageable to get to work, and attract new hires to the skies,” said Association of Flight Attendants International president Sara Nelson. “What’s good for the crew is good for the airline and the passengers who expect a safe, reliable travel experience.”


The deal covers about 3,000 flight attendants at the airlines.”


Currently, American Airlines is trying to recover its losses from the pandemic which amounted to $2 billion. 

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