Bad Dental Habits To Stop ASAP

           We all have bad habits we’d rather quit cold turkey if only it were that easy, smoking and nail-biting come to mind, but here are a couple of poor dental practices you may not have realized you need to stop ASAP. 


This is probably not a shocker. There are multiple reasons to give up this addictive habit, not just dental-related ones. If you need another incentive to stop, the prospect of losing a tooth may motivate you to put off buying your next pack. Tobacco smoking is a primary cause of tooth loss in adults, in addition to a lengthy list of poor aesthetic impacts such as a diminished sense of smell and taste, foul breath, a receding gum line, and yellow-tinted teeth.


           Even if you brush your teeth regularly, flossing is still a must, and skipping this step in your dental routine does more harm than you may realize. Food that stays behind in the gaps of your teeth can cause cavities to form in those areas. This is especially true for patients with braces because the wires and brackets just add more surface area for food debris to cling to. Flossing with braces on and using a water pick to get in the nooks and crannies of your device is essential in keeping your mouth clean and avoiding cavities. 


This is when you slide your upper and lower teeth against each other. This wears them down and can cause them to crack and break. You can purchase a night-time appliance similar to a mouthguard that will prevent you from grinding your teeth in your sleep. You may also benefit from some physiotherapy, like massage therapy for the jaw and facial muscles to relieve tension.

          For any more questions or concerns, or to explore more treatment options and get started on the journey towards the best smile you can get, schedule a complimentary consultation with us here at Dr. Bobby Divnani Dental Clinic. 

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