Bavarian Grill Remains Open

People from North Texas received a delightful news as Bavarian Grill has opted to extend its services until the end of the year after the heartbreaking announcement on early November of its as eventual closing according to a Dallas Morning News article from November 30 which reports, 


“One of North Texas’ most beloved German restaurants, Bavarian Grill in Plano, is indeed closing its original location after 28 years and moving half a mile away, to a new building.


But instead of stopping service the day before Thanksgiving, owner Jürgen Mahneke says the restaurant will remain open until at least Dec. 31, 2021 because construction on the new Bavarian Grill has been delayed.


“We’re still open!” reads a big photo posted to the restaurant’s Facebook page.”


While the restaurant continues its operation, preparations are already on their way as Jürgen Mahneke plans to hold out to the current set-up, designs and menu in the new location according to a Dallas Morning News article from November 3. In it they say, 


The move isn’t expected to be easy, however, because Bavarian Grill has accrued all kinds of decor that Mahneke plans to move to the new restaurant. Three sets of trains will choo-choo into the new restaurant, intended to circle the dining room and biergarten like they did before. The “puzzle wall,” comprising puzzles that customers assembled while waiting for tables, will also be moved. And at the new restaurant, new murals on the walls are reminiscent of the old ones.


The new Bavarian Grill will hold about the same number of people but with a bigger kitchen and more spacious restrooms. It will have the same core menu.


The most popular dish year-round is jägerschnitzel: breaded and fried pork covered in a brown demi-glace with mushrooms. Order it with spätzle and a mixed salad and you’ve got the quintessential German meal, says Mahneke, who was born and raised there.


He’s determined to keep Bavarian Grill authentic, without any “American slang” dishes on the menu


The customers are invited to head out and order for the last time in the 28 year old Bavarian Grill location but they are also reminded to call for reservations since it will most likely be crowded and full since loyal customers and fans will want to visit one last time.

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