Blockbuster Kept Alive By One Man in Texas

David Carrera went from being a customer to becoming the man keeping Blockbuster alive according to a Dallas Morning News article from July 6. They say,


“When Blockbuster first opened its doors in October of 1985, David Carrera was first in line. Well, one of the first — customer number 2,027, to be exact. He still has his membership card from the original store in Medallion Center, where he would browse the mammoth selection of VHS and Betamax tapes as a teenager. 


Back then, of course, said Carrera, 54, renting videos was the entertainment of the day.


Over the next three decades, Carrera went from being a Blockbuster customer to working in the stores — shelving new titles, doling out recommendations and enjoying free rentals — to becoming a corporate IT employee. At Blockbuster’s peak, he helped manage the computer operations for 6,000-plus stores out of the company’s McKinney office. He met his wife while working at the Blockbuster call center in Lake Highlands. “The level of camaraderie and family that you had with the Blockbuster family, it’s infectious,” said Carrera.”


About 30 branches opted to stay open after support was cut off. These branches faced a huge problem which was that they needed a computer system to operate. Carrera reached out to the remaining branches to help solve their problem according to an NBC news article from July 8 which reports, 


“I reached out to the front of the remaining franchisees and said, ‘Hey, if you want to still keep going, I’ll support you,’” said Carrera. With no way to upgrade the already-antiquated software, in early 2014, he and a handful of ex-Blockbuster employees gathered at his Plano home to cobble together a system that Carrera could use to control the franchisees remotely. He became the owner-operator of the Carrera Company, exclusively catering to the remaining Blockbuster stores”


David Carrera plans on running the computer system of the  remaining branches until it doesn’t run anymore. 


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