California Data and Tech Firms Moving into Texas

         DZS, a California based tech firm, is set to move to Texas and significantly upgrade its Plano office according to The Dallas Morning News in an article published on November 16th. In it they say: 

“A tech company moving its headquarters from Oakland, Calif., to Plano renovating its new office location. DZS Inc. said in March that it was relocating its base from California to North Texas. DZS, which provides telecom industry technology products, said it would put an engineering center in Plano.”

           The pandemic has brought about a slew of tech industry relocations to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Dallas Morning News wrote about this mass exodus in an article published on November 9th. In it they say: 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has put a chill on the tech sector’s demand for office space. But the Dallas-Fort Worth area is still on the list of markets expected to see the most growth in tech industry employment, according to a report by commercial property firm CBRE. U.S. office leasing by tech firms was down 46% at midyear compared with average 2019 activity, CBRE researchers found. And tech companies have increased their surplus sublease space around the country by more than 40%.”

            Although the pandemic has hit each state differently, at least Plano, and the rest of the Dallas-Fort Worth area is still going strong. 

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