Is Invisalign For You?

When it comes to straightening your teeth, you probably think of braces first. Maybe it’s the decades of (somewhat exaggerated) media and literature detailing the ordeal of wearing braces as a timid teenager or awkward adult. Since those days, orthodontics has advanced quite a bit, and now there are more dental correction options available to […]

Attention to Detail: Even the Lighting Matters

In a recent post, we proudly displayed photos of our newly remodeled, state of the art practice in Plano. When patients choose a dentist to entrust their oral health to, they typically read reviews or get recommendations from friends. But few think about all the many dozens or hundreds of little factors that a dental […]

Our New State Of The Art Office

We’re pleased to show you our new state of the art practice is open in Plano. Though the COVID situation caused some delays in our move from Plano, we are now in full swing. We aimed to build the most cutting edge dental practice in Plano and we think we’ve done it. Our new office […]

COVID-19 And Our Commitment To Your Safety

At Bobby Jivnani, DDS – Dental clinic here in Plano we are committed to providing the top dental care without compromises in safety. Of course, this means we have to take extra special care in how we deliver that care. To meet or exceed CDC and ADA guidelines, we have implemented the following extra precautions.  […]