Change Your Toothbrush Regularly For Better Dental Health

Be honest, you probably don’t remember exactly when you changed your toothbrush, but changing your toothbrush regularly is essential for your dental health. A toothbrush will wear out with time, and the bristles will fray and won’t do much for removing plaque and food residue. More than that, the longer you keep a toothbrush, the more likely it is for bacteria to grow on it. When you notice the bristles on your brush have frayed, you should probably replace it, even if you feel it hasn’t been that long. Brushing with a good toothbrush is especially important for those with braces.

For Those With Braces And Retainers

If you have braces or retainers, brushing properly is more even more important for you because poor oral hygiene can undo the treatment that you’re paying for. If you aren’t brushing well, bacteria will build up anyway in the nooks and crevices of your braces or retainers, which can cause your teeth to discolor or may cause bacterial growth. It’s best to ask your orthodontist about what kind of toothbrush and toothpaste you should be using because of your treatment.

Visit Yoour Orthodontist

Book an appointment with us here at Bobby Jivnani Dental Clinic for any more dental concerns whether you have braces or not. See your dentist regularly to prevent any major dental problems like cavities and crooked teeth. A dentist can catch dental problems early and prevent them from getting out of hand. You can also prevent dental issues down the line by strictly adhering to a dental routine, that is, brushing, flossing, and gargling daily.

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