City of Plano Hits Goal of Getting Plano Residents to Plant Trees at Home

Good news for environmentally conscious residents of Plano, The City is working in cooperation with the Texas Trees Foundation to plant more trees in the Plano area. Registration is required to avail yourself of a free tree for your garden. Registration is on a first come first served basis, and each registrant will receive one free tree. This program is only open to Plano residents. After registration, trees will be available for pickup October 24th, 2020 which is a Saturday. 

The tree selection includes:

  • Chinquapin oak
  • Mexican white oak
  • Texas Redbud
  • Desert Willow
  • Autumn Blaze Red Maple

          Learn more by reading the article here.

It is hoped that this venture will inspire more people to learn about the social, environmental, economic, and health impacts of planting trees, and urban forestry in general.  As of this writing, the Texas Tree Foundation website has declared that they have exhausted this year’s supply of trees for this program. Last year, Plano City gave out 200 trees to willing residents to plant in their backyards. TTF’s website seems to suggest that this tree giveaway may become an annual event.

While this year’s supply of trees is exhausted, you can still support this initiative by making a donation here.

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