Cosmetic dentistry, Plano

Thanks to improved technology, it’s now possible to get a great smile. At Bobby Jivnani's office, we perform a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures that are designed to not just improve your smile but also the functionality of your teeth.

A Beautiful Smile

According to reports, people who smile more often tend to be more successfuland happier than people who find it difficult to smile.

We naturally feel more attracted to people who smile freely and openly. After all, a great smile is the hallmark of a positive and inviting demeanor. 

About one-third of the adult US population finds it difficult to smile openly due to a lack of confidence resulting from imperfect teeth. Such imperfections can now be treated with the help of cosmetic dentistry that can provide you with a smile makeover.

You may need a smile makeover if you:

  • Are self-conscious about your smile.
  • Lack confidence due to what you consider an unattractive smile.
  • Have dental imperfections that make you insecure.

Call us today to know more about why you need a smile makeover and how it can change your life.

What Problems Can Cosmetic Dentistry Solve?

Cosmetic dentistry is not the same as general dental care. It’s mainly designed to improve the aesthetics, however, it can offer more benefits such as a healthy set of teeth and an improved bite. Cosmetic dentistry procedures can help enhance your smile by restoring your teeth and removing imperfections. Some of the problems cosmetic dentistry can solve include:

  • Discolored or stained teeth
  • Aged or dull teeth
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Misaligned, crooked, or gapped teeth
  • Damaged or missing teeth

Almost all cosmetic dentistry procedures are noninvasive and cause no pain. Call us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jivnani in Plano and start your journey towards a perfect smile.

Why Choose Dr. Jivnani?

From offering more procedures and capabilities than nearly any practice in the area to some of the top reviews and friendliest staff who are here to make your visit enjoyable, we pride ourselves in setting the standard for how dental should be done everywhere.

“Dr. Jivnani is a perfectionist and I wouldn’t want to see anyone else now. His impeccable and precise hand, attention to detail and his insistence on making patients completely happy with his work are all rare standards in dental these days. Now that I’ve gotten used to this level of care, I can confidently say, now I know what standard the rest should have. Obviously I recommend Dr. Jivnani to all of my friends and family.” – DC, Plano, TX

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