COVID Cases in Plano ISD Are Decreasing

The number of COVID-19 cases in Plano ISD has recently taken a heartening turn for the better. A Plano Magazine article from September 14 had this to say, 

“The number of COVID-19 cases within Plano ISD appears has been trending downward over the past two weeks. As of Sept. 13, there were a total of 223 students cases reported throughout the district. That’s more than 200 fewer than were reported the Friday before Labor Day weekend.  The number of staff cases now stands at 40.”

This downturn in case numbers seems to be the result of the temporary mask mandate which was implemented last month. A Dallas Morning News article from August 23 reports,

“Masks will be temporarily required inside Plano schools, trustees voted Monday after a tense emergency board meeting.

Plano ISD’s mask mandate will begin Thursday and last until Sept. 24 — or until there’s movement in the ongoing legal battles between local governments and Gov. Greg Abbott, who issued an executive order banning mask mandates.”

The mask mandate by the Plano ISD was also recognized on Twitter. One user tweeted,

“Plano ISD 200 Covid student cases fewer than were reported the Friday before Labor Day weekend.”

Another woman tweeted in support,

“Since Plano ISD put in place a mask mandate, 50 out of 75 facilities saw a reduction in COVID cases. Another 11 facilities stopped the spread & stayed at the same number of cases. Most of the remaining 14 facilities only saw an increase of one case. Masks work!”

However, lawsuits are now being filed against the school district for non-compliance with the ban on mask mandates according to another Dallas Morning News article published on September 15, which reports, 

“Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has announced several lawsuits against school districts over their mask policies. An executive order by Gov. Greg Abbott barred school districts and government entities from requiring masks.”

While COVID-19 cases in Plano ISD are currently decreasing, it is still unsure whether this mask mandate will continue. As yet, there have been no updates provided regarding either a dissolution of or an extension of the current mask requirement.

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