Covid Vaccine Trial in Plano Needs Volunteers

           Novavax has begun its Phase 3 clinical trial for its Covid-19 vaccine and is in need of volunteers in Plano according to a Star Local Media article from December 30th. In it they say: 


A Phase 3 clinical trial as part of Operation Warp Speed will be conducted at Research Your Health in Plano, and the clinic is currently seeking volunteers. Researchers are looking to enroll 30,000 patients for NVX-CoV2373, a protein-based vaccine developed by Maryland-based pharmaceutical company Novavax. Researchers from the New England Journal of Medicine found in early clinical trials that the vaccine produced a high level of antibodies in rodents and other animal subjects without resulting in serious adverse events.”


          Anyone who would like to volunteer may call in or sign up online, but those with underlying conditions are the focus of the trial according to a Dallas Morning News article from December 30th. In it they say:


The study is aimed at people who have underlying conditions or are at risk. First responders and those who work in crowded conditions are also being recruited. Anyone who would like to volunteer may call 214-550-0354 or visit Novavax is the fifth COVID-19 vaccine to reach Phase 3 trials. Vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna already are being distributed for use.”


          With all the trials and difficulties this pandemic has brought us, any and all successful vaccines against this new virus are welcome, the fact that other vaccines are still in development, many at a cheaper price point, is a good sign. 

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