Dallas Continue to Support Ukraine

“A lot of people in Dallas are showing support and love in their own ways for Ukrainians as the latter find themselves in a conflict with Russia according to a Dallas Morning News article from March 9. In it they say,  


Thirteen up-and-coming Dallas-area artists will perform a benefit concert for Ukraine at Opening Bell Coffee on Saturday.


The three-hour concert starts 6 p.m. at the coffee house at 1409 Botham Jean Blvd.

Opening Bell Coffee plans to donate 15% of the night’s sales and all donations to the Red Cross in Ukraine and the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee.


Steve Jackson will be the host and a performer. Artists scheduled to perform include Jackson Scribner, Levi Scribner, Matt Hillyer, Nathan Wells of Ottoman Turks, Phoenix Hart, John Dufilho and Jeff Ryan of Deathray Davies, Frankie Leonie, Garrett Owen, Billy Law, Don Wall, Emmeline, Rolando Diaz and Christine Hand.”


Additionally, a comedian and rapper named Alex Stein brought his talents to a council meeting and burst his rap for Ukraine and against Putin himself according to a Blavity article from March 17 which reports, 


“Dallas comedian and rapper Alex Stein attended a general Plano city council meeting to address the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, and attendees were surprised by his delivery.


When called to the podium, Stein told members he wanted “to take a moment and think about the people in Ukraine and what they’re going through.” He then informed the council that he has a performance planned — one that requires an audio accompaniment. Stein then launched into a three-minute-long rap, during which he mentioned killing Putin, using hand sanitizer, gas prices and more.


Stein told Blavity News that the motivation behind his performance is true disgust about what’s happening in Ukraine. “Honestly, I was just trying to parrot the mainstream media and showcase how insane the idea of World War III is,” he says. “I really hate to see the people being killed at the hands of evil people in power.”


“I think the best way to make someone think is with humor instead of boring facts,” Stein told Blavity News. “Emotions are more powerful than anything when it comes to spreading a message. I just want to try to make people laugh because everything is so tense and insane right now, and that levity helps with awareness.”


While a lot of people regard the methods and delivery of Alex Stein as a little overwhelming and ridiculous, there are also those who believe that he is fighting the good fight and that he’s making people more and more aware of the situation in Ukraine. 


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