DISD increases pay for teachers and school staff

Due to the nationwide shortage of teachers, DISD has finalized an increase for teachers and school staff according to a Community Impact article from June 27. They say,  


“The fiscal year 2022-23 budget for Dallas ISD was approved June 23 with a total of $103.2 million in compensation increases for teachers, bus drivers and additional staff.


The DISD board of trustees approved the budget, which includes $51.2 million in staff salary increases and $52 million for retention incentives, according to a statement from the district.


The approved budget also adjusted most levels of the Teacher Excellence Initiative, which rewards teachers for high performance. Teachers are set to see the greater of three increases: a change in TEI effectiveness level, a change in the compensation for the effectiveness level or the board-approved increase of 3% of compensation level.


In addition, the budget also raises the starting salaries for teachers new to the district to at least $60,000.”


However, despite the boost for the salary, Alliance/AFT is pushing for further increase due to the inflation according to an NBC 5 DFW article from June 21 which reports,


“We just have to pray that they will do the right thing,” said Rena Honea of Alliance/AFT. 


“Our veteran teachers feel very slighted because they’re not getting that kind of increase,” said Honea. 


Honea said all teachers should receive an 8% to 9% increase in salary just to cover inflation.

“Anything else is really pretty much a pay cut by the time you factor in all of the costs of everything,” she said.


The union representative warns a number of teachers are waiting to see what kind of increase the board passes before deciding whether to stay on for the year ahead or leave the district.”


For additional information regarding the increase on the teacher and school staff salary, you may visit this site


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