Doosan Robotics in Plano

A South Korean company focusing on the creation and development of Robotics will be settling in Plano where its headquarters will be according to a Dallas Innovates article from June 6. They say, 


“Focused on manufacturing cobots—short for collaborative robots—South Korea’s Doosan Robotics is launching an Americas-focused business unit with a U.S. headquarters in Plano.


Doosan said the Plano headquarters will help it increase its customer service capabilities, along with driving business development and awareness across the U.S., which the company calls its “single largest market.” The HQ will combine the company’s North and South America operations under the name Doosan Robotics Americas.


Doosan has around 150 employees worldwide, and says it has an annual production capacity of 10,000 units. Its biggest clients include Hyundai, Samsung, Shell, and Johnson & Johnson.”


New headquarters means new leaders and for Plano’s Doosan Robotics, it will be Alex Lee, the previous manager of STXI Motion of North America, and he is quite delighted with Plano according to a Dallas Morning News article from June 6 which reports, 


“We fell in love with everything about Plano,” Lee said. “Everything was new and flashy, and our business is new.”


“We plan to grow and blossom extremely fast,” Lee said.


Lee said he thinks the food service industry is primed to be the next big market for robots, which can be used for small tasks like dipping french fries in and out of oil when they’re being fried. In Dallas-Fort Worth, Chili’s parent company Brinker International has spent nearly two years testing robot servers and recently announced plans to expand to additional restaurants across Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada and New York.


Doosan Robotics, although they never specifically mentioned how they were able to end up with Plano, negotiated deals with the city and particularly did not ask for incentives. Officials say that the Plano’s workforce and quality of life were the determining factors for the South Korean company. 

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