Ebb & Flow improves its atmosphere with new designs and music

Owner Dallas Hale has realized that his restaurant needed a touch-up and decided to go with a brand new floral patio ceiling and a DJ who will be playing music back from the 80’s and 90’s according to a Community Impact article from May 16. They say, 


The Plano location includes the often-photographed three-dimensional floral patio ceiling that was created and installed by Eric’s wife, Laura Bradford.


“We added a DJ to our brunch recently and … it took our brunch to the next level,” Hale said. “We do ‘80s and ‘90s music, and everyone loves it. We’re having a blast with it.” Hale said his favorite aspect of owning Ebb & Flow Legacy applies to all his businesses.


“It’s the interaction with the people and seeing something grow from nothing to something,” he said.


But their restaurant does not just boast their new touch-up and atmosphere as they are still bringing their best specialities from the menu according to a Dallas Observer article which reports, 


“Ebb and Flow in Plano has a special brunch menu that includes classics we’d expect to see: chicken and waffles, a brunch burger (that we didn’t order, but then saw pass by on the way to other tables and regretted it), French toast, chicken fried chicken and breakfast tacos.


Start with a Salty Brew which is a blend of Salted Caramel Crown Royal and cold brew topped with Baileys Salted Caramel foam. The “foam” on drinks thing has never really made sense until this one. It was like an alcohol-infused cloud atop my drink.


There are about 15 plates on the brunch menu and the most expensive dish is $13.99, which is their huge brunch burger. Their breakfast plate is $8.99 and is a basic diner dish with two eggs, bacon, ham or sausage and a carb (grits, potatoes or tater kegs) with toast. Three sweet potato pancakes, two eggs with a side of meat (or vegetable sausage) is $10.99. As good as every plate we had was, this feels like a sleeper deal.


The chicken fried chicken and eggs ($12.99) dish comes with a ranch-battered chicken breast half the size of the plate covered in thick sausage gravy along with two eggs, in this case, cooked over easy.”


Hale previously went on a business venture as a nightclub owner but unfortunately, the venture went blank. However, he returned to restaurants where he found success in his Shell Shack, Sushi Marquee and now, Ebb & Flow. 

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