Fashion Retailer to Open Pop-up Shop in Plano

Thanks to the fast-paced marketing and word of mouth, online clothes stores are making waves this pandemic and North Texas online shoppers are in for a treat according to a CW33 article which says, 


“Online clothing stores are the bees-knees these days as fewer people are spending time in the mall and more on Tik Tok and Instagram searching up which shops are doing new clothing drops to feed into their online-shopping addiction.


North Texas online shoppers will actually have an opportunity soon to take their talents to the IRL world as a popular online fashion retailer is hosting a pop-up shop at the end of August.”


The popular online fashion retailer is none other than the China-basedOnline Shein according to a The Dallas Morning News article. They say


China-based Shein will host a public pop-up shop Aug. 26 through Aug. 28, just after making a stop in Houston earlier this month. Items from two Dallas-area designers will be featured: Shelby Hilliard, whose collection is designed to be inclusive with a focus on petite women, and Fort Worth-based Cynthia V. Johnsen, who specializes in women’s wear.


The online retailer has been known for TikTok trends where women will show their “Shein hauls” — multiple fashion pieces they bought from the store, typically at a discount. Some influencers will even hint at online codes to be used at checkout for massive discounts on the already cheap clothing.


Currently, Shein houses almost 10,000 employees around the world and is in the market in over 150 countries. 


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