Fishmonger’s Seafood Closes After 40 Years

Fishmonger’s in Plano, known for their shrimp tortilla soup, gumbo, and many more, closes down according to a Dallas Morning News article which observes, 


“Plano restaurant Fishmonger’s — beloved for its shrimp tortilla soup, gumbo, fish with Ponchartrain sauce, and bourbon bread pudding — closed Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022. 


Co-owner Jim Elrod says the restaurant has been busy “like Mardi Gras” in the last week, as regulars began to hear the restaurant would close a few days after Thanksgiving. 


Fishmonger’s would have turned 41 years old on Dec. 7, 2022, but co-owners Pattie and Jim Elrod don’t want to wait that long to retire. Also, “everything has changed” about the restaurant industry since the coronavirus pandemic hit and inflation drove prices up, Jim Elrod says.”


The owners of the restaurant have said that inflation and the pandemic made it very difficult for them to continue, according to an NBCDFW article. They say,


“Co-owners Jim and Pattie Elrod told our partners at The Dallas Morning News the pandemic and inflation have made things challenging and the time is right to close. 


“We’re excited about starting our retirement but we’re very sad saying goodbye to all our customers who have brought us to where we are today,” said Pattie Elrod. 


Loyal customers have spent the last few days packing the seafood restaurant for a final meal including Brad Leland of ‘Friday Night Lights’ fame who was at the restaurant Saturday night.”


The restaurant was closed on Thanksgiving Day, but remained open until November 22.


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