FRIENDS: “The One in Dallas” Opens in Plano

Fan favorite and famous TV series, FRIENDS, opens its interactive space filled with different exciting sets in Plano for fans and guests to enjoy according to a Business Wire article from November 4 which reports, 


“The FRIENDS™ Experience opened its doors in Plano today and is set to run through Jan. 17. Only a 20-minute drive from downtown Dallas, this is only the fourth city in the nation to get access to the experience, “The One in Dallas” was created by Superfly X, Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television Group.


“We’ve had such an incredible response from fans across the country in cities like New York, Chicago, and Atlanta and are excited to bring this experience to the Dallas Fort-Worth metro-area,” said Stacy Moscatelli, Co-President and Chief Strategy Officer of Superfly X. “The FRIENDS Experience will be open at the Willow Bend Mall in Plano through Friendsgiving and the full holiday season and our team is very excited to welcome fans from across Texas.”


The immersive 12 re-created sets amazingly captures the different sets and even featured different replica pieces and props as seen in the series itself according to a WFAA article from November 10 which reports, 


“Walking onto each recreated set draws memories from the show. They are shockingly similar to what is seen on the series, including Monica’s kitchen and balcony, Chandler and Joey’s apartment, the hallway between the two apartments, Ross’s famous “pivot” stairway and more.


There are also props, costumes, hairstyles, and other memorable character moments. Items found in a glass case are original to the show. Fans can immerse in a hands-on experience with the replica pieces.


In each room, the sounds of scenes play out. The laugh tracks from “Friends” reverberates throughout the tour.”


The new attraction in Plano received a heart-warming welcome, support and love from Plano fans as 6,000 comments and 1,900 reactions filled a Facebook post from November 3. One woman said,


“We just went yesterday and it was amazing! Buy me a vowel because OH MY GOSH, I want to go back!!


Another woman excitingly announced her newly bought tickets for the experience,


“I just bought my tickets!! Eek!!!”


More noticeable is the fact that the majority of the comments were people inviting their family and friends to buy tickets for the experience and visit the same. One said,


Allecram Pos we should go and take alicia for birthday weekend” 


Another said,


Paige Hutchings here’s your Christmas trip you want to go on”


One suggested to her friend,


Mike Riches we may have to go to Dallas at some point to do this.


In the same post, Visit Plano posted several photos of the different sets, costumes and props as well as fans and guests enjoying and posing inside the FRIENDS experience. 


You can plan your visit by buying tickets which start at $32.50 plus taxes and fees. The sets were recreated at The Shops at Willow Bend. 


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