Ghost Kitchen inside Plano’s Walmart

Plano’s Walmart will have a resident kitchen inside it but its kitchen—Ghost Kitchen Brands—will cater to pick up and delivery according to a Plano Magazine article from June 13. They say, 


“Plano native and culinary savant Joon Choe is bringing his next culinary venture back to Plano – a ghost kitchen inside of a North Plano Walmart.


The Culinary Institute of America graduate opened a poke joint in Lower Greenville and Legacy Hall before turning to Preston Hollow to open a taco restaurant with partner Mohammad Qasim.


Now, Choe and Qasim are starting a new food journey after successfully running Public Taco through closures due to a tornado, a snowstorm and a global pandemic. The two are opening a new commercial ghost kitchen this summer to cook nationally known restaurant menu items from stores like Quiznos, Cheesecake Factory, Saladworks and more. DoorDash and Uber Eats drivers will then be able to pick up these items for delivery while Walmart shoppers order from touch screens for a grab-n’-go-style option.”


What will make this ghost kitchen particularly unique is that it will cater multiple restaurants and its menu will cover a wide range of options from different brands according to a Dallas Morning News article from June 13 which reports,  


“Qasim said the food-ordering experience should feel like a virtual dining hall. Walmart in Plano is expected to sell food from 15 to 28 restaurants, all from one kitchen.


The menu is expected to include Quiznos sandwiches, Cheesecake Factory desserts and food from Saladworks, Umami Burger and others. The menu will include greatest hits from each brand, not entire menus.

Qasim and Choe said their Dallas taco shop, Public Taco, might become part of the delivery and to-go partnership inside these Walmart ghost kitchens; it was too early for them to discuss it.


Hathaitham said Ghost Kitchen Brands was impressed with Choe’s culinary background. He was born and raised in Plano and is a classically trained chef who went to the Culinary Institute of America in New York.”


The Ghost Kitchen Brands in Walmart is set to open by August. 


The Ghost Kitchen Brands shop will open in six to eight weeks at 8801 Ohio Drive in Plano, following locations in Ontario, Quebec and New York State.

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