Humane Pet Store Ordinance Passed

A unanimous agreement with the Dallas City Council made it possible for the Humane Pet Store Ordinance to be passed and to take effect according to a CultureMap Dallas article from May 11. They say, 


“The Dallas City Council passed an ordinance on May 11 that helps animals. Called the Humane Pet Store Ordinance, it stops the sale of puppies at pet stores in Dallas. Dallas joins Houston, San Antonio, and a growing list of Texas cities that have enacted similar ordinances, which help end the mistreatment of animals by breeders.


The ordinance was recommended by the Dallas Animal Shelter (DAS), as well as groups such as Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN), which works to promote better treatment of animals.


“Since January 2021, we have been working tirelessly to pass this Ordinance to close the puppy mill pipeline to Dallas to stop hundreds of sick puppies from being shipped from out-of-state puppy mills,” said Stacy Sutton Kerby, THLN’s Director of Government Relations, in a release. “Over the years, the THLN helpline has regularly received complaints about Dallas retail stores selling sick or unhealthy puppies. We are so grateful to Chair Adam Bazaldua, Mayor Pro Team Chad West, the entire Quality of Life, Arts, & Culture Committee, and city staff for their support and attention to such a vital animal welfare issue right here in our community.”


However, not all are for the ban, particularly Petland who is arguing that the ordinance is unfair in targeting them and enjoining them from supporting their families according to a CBS DFW article from May 9 which reports, 


“But owner Jay Suk of the North Dallas Petland franchise feels the ordinance would unfairly target him. It’s the only store in Dallas that still sells pets, and puppies comprise more than 75% of their sales. Without that, the company said it’ll go out of business.  

“And the store supports not only his family but the families of 30 other people who have worked there for quite some time,” said Elizabeth Kunzelman, vice president of legislative and public affairs for Petland. 


She said Suk buys only from USDA-licensed breeders who have had no violations in the past two years.  


“He visits his breeders. He gets to get his boots on the ground to see where the puppies are coming from, how the moms and dads are cared for,” she said. 


Currently, Dallas has joined other cities like Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Sherman and many others that have an ordinance regarding the ban of puppy mills and puppy selling. 


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