Kroger Opens Customer Fulfillment Center in Dallas

Kroger opens a new CFC in Dallas, Texas which will utilize robotics that will elevate customer grocery delivery experience according to a Market Screener article from August 2. They say,


“America’s largest grocery retailer, today announced the official opening of its newest Customer Fulfillment Center (CFC) in Dallas, Texas. Powered by the Ocado Group (LSE: OCDO), the CFC will leverage advanced robotics technology and creative solutions to redefine the customer experience for customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 


Kroger’s fast-growing seamless ecosystem takes the promise of zero compromise to the next level, with Kroger Delivery bringing the freshest food and quality ingredients to your own doorstep-when you want it, how you want it, said Bill Bennett, Kroger Vice President and Head of E-commerce. ‘Customers can use or the Kroger app to check the weekly circular, select personalized digital coupons, search products by dietary preference and ultimately place their delivery order, saving time and money.”


The newly-opened CFC is expected to have a huge impact on the local economy according to a Dallas City News article which reports, 


“The opening of Kroger’s new Customer Fulfillment Center is a major win for our city — and it represents a tremendous investment in southern Dallas,” Mayor Eric Johnson said. “This means hundreds of jobs, it means more economic development, and it means greater access to fresh groceries for all of our residents, including those in our historically underserved and overlooked communities. Together, we are building a more vibrant and more equitable city.”


“In partnership with U.K. company Ocado Solutions, the 350,000 square-foot distribution center will use advanced automation technology to source, package and prepare grocery products for direct delivery to consumers throughout Dallas and neighboring communities within a 5-hour radius.”

In addition to the job creation, Kroger will not exclude or limit the availability of the delivery to any part of the city.


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