Local Plano Family Adopts Nomadic Lifestyle – Sells Home and Travels the US During Pandemic

The Brown Family from Plano sold their home and bought an RV to take a year-long road trip after spending an entire year in a work-from-home environment according to a Dallas Morning News article from August 16. The article states,

Their new mode of living has allowed them to remain mobile while working from home during the pandemic …

“We were just working and going through the grind from home,” Cliff Brown told Channel 5. “We can do that from anywhere.”

As for their children’s education, Plano Star Courier article from August 6, reported that,

“Brown contends that the experience of traveling provides an education unparalleled from those provided in the classroom. But understanding the necessity of a traditional, brick-and-mortar education for his children, he says the indefinite road trip will only continue with their support.”

“[We’re] always keeping an eye out on how the kids are doing. Do they want to stop? Do they want to join a soccer team? Do they want to get into dance?” he explained. “That would influence our plans, but if they’re smitten with traveling around, meeting new people [and] learning the country that they’re in, we’re going to do that.”

Several people across social media expressed their awe and praise for the family’s decision for the children. A woman commented on a post from the family’s Facebook page,

“What a great idea!!! I was really excited about the amazing opportunities your children will get to get to see historical places instead of just seeing pictures in a book, so invaluable!! Have fun. Blessings and traveling grace!!”

Another woman, in admiration and excitement, expressed her plans on doing the same thing on an Instagram post from the Brown family’s Instagram account. She said,

“We currently live in Plano (originally from Ky/Oh) and are young empty nesters. Plan to sell house and buy rv within next year or so, and travel ( we both work remote positions). Excited to see where your journey takes you and taking plenty of notes. Enjoy!!”

The Brown family is leading by example and creating an interesting life for themselves despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

The social platforms of the Brown family’s “Route Down” travels can be followed in Facebook, Instagram,Tiktok, Youtube, and their personal blog.

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