Lost Beaver Takes Leisurely Stroll Down Plano Sidewalk

A rather animated beaver was spotted strolling down a Plano sidewalk according to an NBC 5 DFW article from April 29th. In it they say:

“A beaver was found strolling down the sidewalks of Downtown Plano Arts District Thursday morning.

Plano artist Rudy Guajardo captured the video of the beaver doing some window shopping and posted it to Facebook.

Guajardo called the experience ‘interesting and unexpected.’ ”

The video shows the beaver peering into some stores as if it was window shopping according to a Dallas Morning News article from April 30th. In it they say:

“Yes, it rained a lot Wednesday. But was it enough to prompt a beaver to walk through downtown Plano and consider building a dam? Possibly.

More likely, though, the beaver lost his way and found himself in the center of downtown.

. . .

While walking down the sidewalk, the beaver took time to peer through the windows of a few stores, including a tattoo business.

The video of the beaver’s stroll was posted to the Downtown Plano Facebook group.”

The adorable little critter looks so excited to go out of its home and walk around Plano.


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