Massive 10,000 Bee Hive Found In Plano

A massive hive of over 10,000 bees was found in Plano according to a Dallas Morning News article from April 26th. In it they say:

“A hive with an estimated 10,000 bees near a sidewalk at Parker and Canyon roads has Plano buzzing.

Plano Parks & Recreation staffers took photos and video of the hive, which was safely removed by a beekeeper, according to city posts on social media.”

No one was stung in the removal, and the bees are totally safe according to a WFAA 8 article from April 24th. In it they say:

“According to the post, the hive located near Parker and Canyon Roads was gathered by a beekeeper contractor and taken to a farm so the bees can “live happily ever after.”

Some people retweeted the post, sharing their excitement that the honey-making creatures were safely relocated. One reply said, “save the bees” while another person said, “nature is beautiful.” 

Plano Parks & Rec also reassured the community that no one was stung in the removal process and said the sidewalk is now safe for use.”

Even if bees are a little scary, they’re essential to life on earth because of all the work they do to pollinate trees and plants.

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