Officials Are Worried as Four Bats Test Positive for Rabies in the Plano Area

News of the possibility of the spread of rabies among bats in the Plano area first broke two weeks ago when a bat tested positive for rabies after having come into contact with a Plano resident’s pets in the backyard of their home near Stone Creek and Parkhaven Drive. The bat was tested as precautionary measure although there were no known rabies transmissions reported in the area. Given how the results however, it was the right call.
“This positive test highlights the importance of being cautious around wildlife and always reporting any contact with them,” said Plano Animal Services Director Jamey Cantrell. “It also shows why it’s so important to keep all pet vaccinations current, especially rabies. There is no way to predict when a pet may come into contact with a wild animal. Read more here.

Now, three more bats have been found to carry rabies in the Plano area. Bats are notorious for being carriers of disease as past rabies outbreaks and even the Covid-19 Pandemic show. As of now, it looks like the infection count is low, only 4 bats in the span of two weeks, and no people or other animals seem to have contracted rabies or reported any of its symptoms. That said, it is advisable to keep your families and pets up to date on your shots.

Anyone in the Plano area who has come into contact with bats, or with any other wildlife that may have been acting strangely, is encouraged to contact Animal Services at (972) 769-4360.

Rabies is a viral disease that occurs in warm-blooded animals and can be
contracted by humans through bites from infected animals . . .Texas law
and Plano city ordinances require that all pets receive the rabies inoculation along with subsequent booster shots for the duration of the animal’s life. Read the full article here.

Thankfully, rabies, unlike Covid, has a readily available vaccine and contracting it is significantly more preventable. Unfortunately, like Covid, there is no cure for this illness, so getting inoculated at the nearest center is highly advised to prevent catching this disease. The Plano animal shelter will continue to test and stay on top of the issue should any more development occur. The shelter also has a rabies vaccination clinic up every third Friday of the month.

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