Plano and Frisco Among the Best Cities for Remote Work

A new study which aimed to determine the best cities for remote work ranked Plano and Frisco as two of the best according to a Local Profile article which says,


“The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we do daily things, and businesses especially had to adjust. Working from home became the new normal, and many workers began to enjoy the freedom of working remotely. A study by Lawn Starter showed the top cities for remote work for 2023. 


Plano ranked sixth out of two hundred and Frisco ranked third for workspace with the city having spacious homes and broadband coverage. The North Texas areas also ranked highly because of their location close to the big cities if there are days you have to commute to the office.”


Plano and Frisco also ranked high up in the list in the affordability and amenities category according to a New York Times article. They say,


The amenities category awarded points for larger yards and convenient food delivery, while the connectivity category covered internet speed and coverage, and the affordability category rolled in the costs of living, rent and home prices, as well as taxes. Here, cities in Texas and Florida — neither of which taxes personal income — fared well.”


The top five consist of Plano and Frisco at the top two spots respectively followed by Tampa, Atlanta, and Seattle.


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