Plano Couple’s Invention: aerMist

To combat the hot climate in Texas, Boris and Jelena Medic have invented a technology called aerMist which can cool down temperature within the surrounding according to an In Forney article from December 15 which reports, 


“A Plano couple is changing how people cool off in outdoor spaces at home and restaurant patios with the launch of aerMist, the first affordable and user-friendly tech-controlled high-pressure misting system. A proprietary app enables the use of aerMist with the push of a virtual button that can control up to four systems at once and lower the temperature of outdoor spaces by up to 20°F. AerMist is also eco-friendly, having an environmentally conscious design that conserves water.


Boris and Jelena Medic came up with the idea for aerMist during the summer of 2020, when looking for a solution to cool their outdoor patio that would get uncomfortably hot in the Texas heat. The couple, who love entertaining in their backyard and outdoor kitchen could not find a misting system that met all the criteria they wanted: high-quality, minimal water use, reasonably priced, less noise, and with wireless control. The couple immediately put their entrepreneurial spirits and backgrounds in engineering, finance, and manufacturing to work.


“We knew other people shared our issue—our research found that most patios and outdoor spaces in Texas are uncomfortable up to 40% of the year due to hot weather,” says Boris. “Creating an outdoor oasis at home can be expensive. We wanted to find a way to get more use of the space that we worked hard to create.”


However, aerMist is more than just cooling down the temperature of the surrounding area as it is also a package deal that comes with minimalist design and bug-free feature according to a Tyler Paper article from December 15. In it they say, 


“The Medics discovered aerMist’s minimalist design was also an ideal solution for restauranteurs looking to maximize outdoor seating areas for safety-conscious dining on warm days.

“Space is money in the restaurant industry,” Jelena says. “Most misting systems currently used on restaurant patios are bulky, taking up valuable real estate and eating up profits. Also, many patios don’t have effective cooling systems to beat the summer heat, and we believe that is simply because there were no great options available before aerMist.”

In addition, the Medics learned many cooling systems at their favorite dining establishments use low or medium pressure misting systems which result in soaked clothes and wet chairs. That is why they designed aerMist as a high-pressure system that produces a controllable amount of fine mist that evaporates. The result is a cooling effect, leaving clothes and furniture dry. An added bonus of the miniscule water droplets: a bug-free zone.

“I think all Texans can agree that mosquitoes are the bane of our existence when spending time outdoors,” Boris says. “We made sure our solution with aerMist kept them away along with flies and other pests without using any chemicals.”  

To learn more about this amazing new technology, you may visit their website


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