Plano Fire Chief Hospitalized After Contracting Covid-19

A Plano City fire chief has been hospitalized with Covid-19 according to a January 13 article from ABC 8 WFAA. In it they say:

“Plano Fire Chief Sam Greif has been hospitalized with COVID-19, officials confirmed Wednesday. The chief has been in the hospital with the disease for a week and a half, he told WFAA on Wednesday. He said he started to feel ill at the end of the year. Greif said he has not been able to see his family in a long while and misses them, he said.”

Chief Sam Grief has recently been quoted urging people to get vaccinated and warning them of the dangers of the virus in another ABC 8 WFAA article that was published on January 13th. In it they say:

Greif has no underlying medical conditions and was taking all the precautions to prevent it, but said he still “went downhill really fast” by the time he got to the hospital on Jan. 3. He said he can hear the activity in the hospital of other COVID-19 patients. Two of his friends recently died of COVID-19, Greif said. The side effects of the vaccine are minimal compared to what the disease can do to you, he said. When offered the vaccine, I beg you to take the vaccine,’ Greif said. ‘Don’t get caught up in the ‘They rushed it to market, I don’t know what’s in it.’ It’s 95% effective.’ Greif said he is getting the best care anyone could hope for and the hospital is full of good people. He’s hooked up to a special breathing machine and on medicine cocktails.”

When the story was posted on Reddit, Plano residents poured out their love and sympathy for the chief and his family.

“We met him and his wife at the fire station open house a couple of years ago, they were so nice. I hope he recovers soon.” said one pained local.

“I hope he recovers! Covid is no joke! Even losing 5% of your lung capacity would be a terrible thing! Be safe and wear your masks, socially distance yourself, and wash your hands!” said another Redditor.

The staff here at Bobby Jivnani Dental clinic wish our fire chief a speedy recovery.

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