Plano Gardener Donates to Food Bank

Members of the Plano community donated over eighty pounds of food to Samaritan Inn after digging up large gourds according to a Plano Star Courier article. They say,


“Last week, Plano community members donated over 80 pounds of food to the Samaritan Inn after unearthing several unusually large gourds. 


“The woman who grew it is Josephine Howser,” said Deb Bliss, community harvest garden coordinator. “She found some seeds called Tahitian squash. She tried it last year, and this year she had a sign on her squash not to harvest them. She was waiting for them to be bigger.””


Josephine Howser grew the gourds in Plano Community Harvest Garden, and she used seeds called Tahitian squash according to a Local Profile article which reports, 


“Howser grew the gourds at the Plano Community Harvest Garden where she is also a harvest coordinator. She said she used seeds called Tahitian squash and allowed the gourds to grow for two full seasons before harvesting. 


The Plano Community Harvest Garden was launched in 2008 through a partnership between the Junior League of Collin County, the city of Plano’s Sustainability and Environmental Education Division, and volunteer gardeners from around the Plano area.”


The volunteers usually make donations to God’s pantry, a religious nonprofit food pantry, but they opted for Samaritan Inn this time around to reach more people.

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