Plano Getting Big Recognition

         Plano City ranks high in two studies and its environmental efforts are also getting recognition. Plano was ranked high among the most populous U.S. cities for quality of life and for holiday festivity according to a Star Local Media article published on December 16th. In it they say:

“The first of these studies was conducted by financial modeling software company SmartAsset, which ranked Plano fifth on its ‘Most Livable Cities in the U.S. – 2020 Edition’ list . . . The other study was conducted by self-acclaimed ‘personal finance social network’ website WalletHub, which recognized Plano as the ninth contender for ‘2020’s Best Cities for Christmas’ list. In addition to analyzing crime rates among the 100 largest cities like SmartAsset’s study, WalletHub utilized Google search analytics to gauge communal interest in Christmas events such as light shows and looked at the cities’ presence of churches and charity organizations.”

           The city has also received a regional award for it’s environmental education efforts according to a Dallas Morning News article published on December 14th. In it they say:

“Plano was recently recognized by the North Central Texas Council of Governments for its efforts to improve air quality. Plano received the “outstanding advertising” award for its print and digital communications that support the Air North Texas campaign. Plano’s efforts included using social media, its “Live Green in Plano” newsletter, and a community energy campaign to promote Clean Air Action Day, according to an announcement.”

           Plano has been recognized for its success in a variety of areas this year, making 2020 a little less depressing, 

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