Plano Man Shot in the Thigh by His Dog

             Yes, you didn’t read that headline wrong. A Plano man had to take a trip to the hospital after his dog’s paw set off the trigger of his hip pistol as he picked up the pooch. News 4 San Antonio published an article on this story on November 6th. In it they say:

“In a Facebook post, the police department said someone had their pistol tucked inside their waistband while picking up their dog. Somehow, the dog’s paw got lodged in the trigger, firing the gun through the person’s thigh.”

            The Dallas Morning News also reported on the incident in their own article published on November 4th. The Plano Police Department urged the community to practice gun safety in the article. In it they say: 

“The man’s injury was not life-threatening. ‘Fortunately, it was just a through and through shot — it didn’t hit a main artery or anything’ Plano police officer David Tilley said in a phone interview. ‘He took himself to the hospital and he’s fine.’ ”

            Always remember to keep the safety on and always assume that a gun in sight is loaded. It goes without saying to keep guns out of reach of small children, but maybe keep them away from pets as well. 

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