Plano Mayor on City’s Business Boom, Covid Response

         Mayor Harry LaRosilieri of Plano has appeared on Fox Business’s Varney and Co. segment where the show’s host described Plano as an up-and-coming business hotbed according to a Star Local Media article published on November 12th. In it they say:

“ ‘We use the toolbox that [is] available to us within our economic development parameters,’ LaRosiliere said to Varney when asked about what tax breaks, if any, were given to companies like Toyota and Raytheon, who have all located operations to the city. ‘We also look at property taxes and things of that nature, but really, all we want to do is partner with businesses and collaborate, because businesses represent people that will join our community and be a vibrant part of our economy.’ LaRosiliere continued to laud Plano as ‘a major employment center’ and added, ‘We have a lot of reasons to attract folks from either coast. We’re essentially located from a time standpoint, so the ability to conduct business on either coast is much more conducive.’ ”

          Clearly proud of his city’s advances in the business sector, the mayor has also met with other Collin County business and government leader in this year’s CCBA (Collin County Business Alliance) conference (conducted virtually) to discuss his city’s response to an array of topics according to a Local Profile article published December 8th. In it they say:

“Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere said one of the biggest tasks for his community was fighting misinformation. ‘There was a lot of confusion,’ he said. So Plano leaders turned to the experts: librarians. LaRosiliere said the city’s libraries served as resource centers for people with pandemic questions. People could call in with questions, and librarians made calls to the city’s seniors to ensure some of the most vulnerable stayed informed.”

 The mayor has a lot more on his plate than just the business sector and Covid-19 as discussed at the CCBA Conference, though thus far, Mayor LaRosiliere is holding up. 

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