Plano: The Happiest City in Texas

A study focusing on the income growth rate, divorce rate, depression rate and leisure time per day revealed that Plano is the happiest city in Texas according to a Dallas Morning News article from March 8 which reports 


“Plano ranked 22nd nationwide in a recent study of the happiest places in the country.

Plano was the only North Texas city to make it into the top 50 cities on the list in the study by, a personal finance website.


WalletHub’s study examined positive-psychology research to determine the rankings of the 182 largest cities in the United States, and at least two of the most populated cities in each state.


Measurements used in the study included emotional and physical well-being, income and employment and community and environment.”


While it is not Plano’s first time to land on such a feat, most Texas cities are still over the 100th mark as listed by a CultureMap Dallas article from March 4. They say,  

  • Austin, No. 30
  • Grand Prairie, No. 83
  • Irving, No. 89
  • Garland, No. 97
  • Fort Worth, No. 103
  • Arlington, No. 107
  • Dallas, No. 111
  • Houston, No. 112
  • Laredo, No. 115
  • El Paso, No. 120
  • Brownsville, No. 125
  • San Antonio, No. 130
  • Corpus Christi, No. 139
  • Amarillo, No. 143
  • Lubbock, No. 157


WalletHub made it clear that the result of the studies were heavily impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. They stress however, that Americans must try to boost their happiness as much as they can in any way possible.


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