Teeth whitening, Plano

Teeth whitening is a painless procedure that can be performed in a single sitting.

Teeth whitening is a painless procedure that can be performed in a single sitting. However, you may be asked to visit again in case your teeth are very poorly stained.

Some basic procedures include:

  • Tray Whitening – We’ll prepare a customized gel that is applied on your teeth with the help of a custom-made tray. The tray is designed to work on all the teeth and causes no pain. You may opt for an in-office treatment or get customized trays to apply at home.
  • OTC Teeth Whitener – Over-the-counter whiteners are also available, however, we recommend that you don’t use them without your dentist’s approval as they may damage the teeth and cause other problems, including discoloration.
  • Teeth-whitening Strips – These strips contain chemicals that can whiten your teeth. You have to apply the strip on the teeth and wear it for about 30 minutes, twice a day.
  • Whitening Mouthwash and Toothpaste – This is the right option if your teeth are not very severely discolored. They contain abrasives that can remove stains. However, they don’t lighten the natural color of your teeth.

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