Plano’s 2022 Development

Officials of Plano Chamber and Plano ISD held an event with Mayor John Muns where the latter introduced his plans for Plano this 2022 according to a Community Impact article from February 8 which reports,


“Plano Mayor John Muns presented his first State of the City address during a virtual event in partnership with the Plano Chamber of Commerce and Plano ISD.


The address detailed city infrastructure improvements, the new comprehensive plan, the Collin Creek Mall redevelopment project, the Plano Market Square mall redevelopment, Legacy Business Park, education, transportation, health care, emergency services, parks, libraries and more.


“We truly live in one of the greatest communities in America,” Muns said in the video uploaded to the city’s Youtube channel Feb. 3. “Our reputation as the city of excellence is built upon the strong bonds of relationship we have as a community.”


Some of the key developments, improvements and projects included Shiloh Road, Parker Road, Collin Creek Mall, Underground Tunnels and Assembly Park were highlighted by Caleb Thronhill from the Director of Engineering according to a Local Profile article from February 8. They say,


“Kicking off the upcoming Plano construction projects, a roadway expansion is coming to Shiloh Road (from East Park Blvd. to 14th St), installing bike lanes as well as a bridge replacement.


Thornhill brought attention to the improvements and reconstruction of Parker Road from Custer Road to Roundrock Trail coming in the summer of 2022.


One of the most significant projects in Plano is the renovation and replacement of Collin Creek Mall, in the corner of 75 and Bush Turnpike. The developments will include a residential urban village, multiple single and family unit housing, senior living, entertainment, a hotel, retail stores and office space.


Thornhill also briefly mentioned the building of underground tunnels.


According to the Triten Real Estate Partners’ website, the former 80’s mall will turn into a new park named, “Assembly Park” which will include a dog park, a stage for entertainment, feature office space, apartments, townhouses, retail stores and restaurants.”


Amidst the pandemic, Mayor John Muns emphasized that he will work with the same approach last year in his Plano’s Comprehensive of 2021.

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