Plano’s COVID-19 Warrior

A Plano man has fought for his life against COVID and he emerges victorious for 197 days according to a Fox 4 News article from February 7 which reports, 


“A Plano man is home after more than seven months in the hospital with COVID-19.


The father of four caught COVID-19 in July. He ended up spending 197 days in the hospital and was on a ventilator and an ECMO machine at times.


“We had community helping us and supporting us. So, we couldn’t have gotten through this without any of them,” said Emily Welch, his wife. “This is amazing.”


Welch’s family said he will continue outpatient therapy for the next eight to 12 weeks and hopes to return to work in a few months.”


Aside from family, friends and neighbors who were delighted to hear of the recovery, people on the internet also welcomed him back as they recognized that such victory against COVID-19 was indeed wonderful. In a Facebook post, one woman said, 


“One of a handful that made it after such a poor prognosis- when you factor cvs t and ECMO into the equation. So thankful for his recovery”


Another commented his delight and short advice to the man,


“Glad you’re doing better. Stay well.”


One man regarded the recovery as a news wanted by the people,


“this is the news people like to see”


However, some people were also quick to realize that 197 days in the hospital necessarily follows a huge hospital bill on the part of the family. Despite speculations, details regarding the same were not disclosed by the family nor the hospital. 


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