Plano’s Meet Fresh is a dessert specialist

An all-dessert joint specializing in Taiwanese drinks and desserts is serving the best sweets in Plano according to a Dallas Observer article. They say,  


“This international chain was founded by “Sister and Brother Fu,” according to their website. It’s a Taiwanese dessert boutique focused on using taro balls, jellies and traditional Taiwanese ingredients.


Life-sized mannequins of the brother-and-sister duo greet visitors near the door with a smile and a friendly thumbs up.


Meet Fresh’s menu is huge. There’s almost no end to the dessert options, ranging from bubble waffles to tofu-based puddings to Asian shaved ice. With scant descriptions, the menu does little to help you out. Customers are forced to use pictures and context clues to navigate. But when there’s sugar involved, it’s hard to go wrong.


Meet Fresh is best known for shaved ice, which is served in shareable platters meant for 3 or 4 people. Each dessert comes with a heap of shaved ice drenched in condensed milk and different flavored syrups. The black sugar boba shaved ice ($13.25) is one of the chain’s most popular. The shaved ice base is soaked in a mixture of black sugar syrup and condensed milk.”


Local customers find the dessert of Meet Fresh quite delicious and satisfying as they place their reviews on different websites. 


In a Yelp review, Justin S. says, 


“The desserts here never disappoint. I’ve been coming to this location for a few years now and the quality is consistently good.


I always get the shaved ice and iced grass jelly. These two items alone are so addicting.”


Meanwhile, Diana S. recommended Meet Fresh to those looking for asian toppings. She says, 


“Meet Fresh is a classic Asian dessert place with yummy hot/cold soups that you can customize with a bunch of different topping options! We got the Icy Grass Jelly base + taro balls & black sugar boba. I liked the grass jelly shaved ice that they put on the bottom which made the whole dessert an extremely refreshing escape from the Texas heat. The bowl was massive and it was more than enough for two people to share. I would highly recommend this place, especially if you like Asian toppings like boba, grass jelly, red bean, etc.”


Users of Restauranji also narrated their experiences and love for Meet Fresh.


One said, 


“I love MeetFresh!!! It is a great dessert place with alot of options for everyone. Definitely try their Classic Glass Jelly and Ube.”


Another said, 


“Regular customer of Meet Fresh and have been going to the location in Irvine, Ca for many years. I have recently moved to TX and was thrilled to find one here! The flavors are consistent as the CA location and my family always looks forward to enjoying delicious Taiwanese desserts and treats. Please open up more locations!”


Meet Fresh is located at 2001 Coit Road, No. 137B, Plano. They open at 12 noon and close at 9:30 PM. 


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