Plano’s Transportation Issue

Despite Plano being one of the best cities to drive, residents and frequent visitors are struggling with the evident traffic and that is why the city is looking for solutions according to a aLocal Profile article. They say, 


“As previously covered by Local Profile at the beginning of October, a new study found that Plano was among the best cities to drive in based on its high rankings in cost and safety. But when the study looked into the city’s access to vehicles, maintenance, traffic and infrastructure, Plano’s scores left much to be desired. 


Earlier this year, the Regional Transportation Council launched a new policy called the Transportation Infrastructure Certification Program which encourages local governments to look into emerging technologies that might ease traffic congestion. In order to do this, these transportation technologies can’t use existing roadway or rail systems but instead create their own.” 


And just recently, a grand solution was proposed to the city council regarding an aerial transportation system that resembles a gondola according to a CBS DFW article which reports, 


“At last week’s Plano City Council meeting, the city’s director of engineering introduced council members to JPods.


“It is a fee-based point to multi-point aerial personal transit and you probably look at it and say it looks like a gondola.. exactly right,” he said. 


Each car or “pod” would carry four to six people. You enter in the location or station that you’re going to and it would take you there directly. A proposed map shows it connecting popular areas like Legacy West and The Shops at Legacy. 


The city council has given the go-ahead to submit an application to the council of governments, which is due Nov. 18. There’s no commitment, but if the city does go forward with the project, it’s estimated it would take about seven to 10 years to complete.”


Accordingly, the project would be very costly as it would use up $15 million dollars per mile of the system. However, JPods has already proposed that it would shoulder the entire operation. 


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