Psychedelic Robot is back in Plano again

The huge art piece featuring a red giant robot will be bringing its immersive art experience back to Plano according to a Local Profile article from June 6. In it they say, 


“A Perceptual Happening” is coming to The Shops at Willow Bend in Plano. Psychedelic Robot, an immersive art experience is set to open soon.


According to a Facebook post by The Shops at Willow Bend, Psychedelic Robot is opening “Spring 2022.” In other words, an opening is imminent.


The experience is suitable for both adults and children. Of course, photography is strongly encouraged.


Psychedelic Robot is the brainchild of Bivins Gallery owners, Karen and Michael Bivins, who each bring over 30 years of experience in the art world. Their passion for art and the artists they represent was the foundation for Psychedelic Robot and the inspiration for everything they do.


But the exhibit is more than just the art pieces because it will be an all-out experience with a story that the visitors will follow according to a Dallas Observer article from May 27 which reports, 


“The experience starts just outside the entrance where guests are greeted by a life-size recreation of the Psychedelic Robot built by Dallas sculptor Johnney Edwards. The different rooms organized by numbers roll out the story of the robot’s discovery and journey to Earth in the 1960s right in the middle of the Woodstock music festival, whose message of peace and love inspires the robot to give himself a groovy makeover.


Meanwhile, the robot is being pursued by government agents who aren’t sure about the hot pink being’s motives for visiting Earth. The robot is also being chased by an evil overland named Dravena who discovers Earth while pursuing the robot and sees it as a place that’s ripe for conquest.


The entire experience is punctuated with an original soundtrack and a narrative spoken by a benevolent dragon named TERRA-NOVA-X, represented by a sculpture of the giant toothy beast poking out of a wall at the start of the exhibition’s story. The dragon serves as the story’s narrator and is voiced by acclaimed conductor Peter Manning, best known for his work in London’s Royal Opera House and locally as a guest conductor with the Dallas Opera.”

Back in 2018, Psychedelic Robot partnered with different artists for a grand debut exhibit in Dallas at the Crescent.  


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