Restaurants Persevere for their Reopenings

Despite heavy losses before and during pandemic, restaurants that have closed and announced their closing are making a comeback according to a Paper City Magazine article from January 10 which reports, 


“Rodeo Bar reopens with an updated menu and design.


Located within The Adolphus since 1981, this Texas tavern closed in 2018 during the historic hotel’s dramatic renovation. Now, the beloved spot is back with a revamped look by hospitality company Makeready and Dallas-based design firm SWOON the Studio. The updated Rodeo Bar features vintage booths and a new private space aptly called The Back Room. The spot’s original flooring have been beautifully preserved, as have ’80s-era neon beer bar lights and rodeo posters. As for the menu, expect are smash-style burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, nachos, and more classics. The bar program includes a few Texas-inspired cocktails as well as local beers.


 The Great American Hero will survive with new ownership.


After owner Dominick Oliverie announced the impending closure of the longstanding Oak Lawn staple last summer, two Dallasites, Jacob Cox and Danny Wilson (Rocket Fizz Soda Pop Candy Shop, The Pharmacy), stepped in to bring it back to life, according to the Dallas Observer. The two don’t plan to make many changes to Oliverie’s concept, although a new location will soon be necessary due to rising rent. More outpost for our local Hero may soon be in the works as well.”


Another loved Dallas restaurant, Sperezza, which closed down to pave way for offices, will be getting a new branch according to its owner Julian Barsotti in a Dallas Morning News article from January 4 which reports, 


Barsotti says he’s keeping the employees from Sprezza and will offer them jobs at the coming-soon restaurants.


Plus, Sprezza will likely live on at a different address, Barsotti says. Because of the amicable end with the lease in Old Parkland, Sprezza retained all its furniture, fixtures and kitchen equipment.


Barsotti would like to reopen Sprezza in the Knox-Henderson or Fitzhugh area of Dallas — a spot that restaurants like Beverley’s and Joe Leo have helped reinvigorate recently. Sprezza 2.0 might be more pizza centric or more bar-like, Barsotti says. He’ll have chef Ferguson re-create the menu.


Barsotti’s vision for Sprezza, given so much other action in 2022, is this: “We want to reiterate it in a more simple way,” he says.”


It is good to see that a lot of restaurants are pushing forward through the pandemic and are renewed in their spirit to accommodate and serve the Dallas community with their respective food and cuisine. 

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