Shaq Moves into New Texas Home

Shaquille O’Neal has been regularly spotted since moving into his new home in Carrollton according to a Dallas Morning News article from July 11. They say,

“It’s not easy to be inconspicuous when you’re a 7-foot-1 NBA legend. 

And Shaquille O’Neal, a North Texas resident, hasn’t been shy about his presence. Since buying a home in Carrollton, the gregarious retired star basketball player has been a man about town — and social media has been documenting his outings.”

Shaq has been very generous to his neighbors.He was  picking up their tabs and giving away cash and meals according to an article by FanNation. They say, 

“The legend of Shaquille O’Neal has moved to Dallas, with the Hall of Famer having recently acquired a home in Carrollton. 

And now that he’s here? He’s becoming a generous neighbor, last week picking up the tab for a couple of shoppers at Best Buy and then also handing out cash and hot meals to folks in need.”

He was also generous enough to buy his neighbors a washing machine and a TV according to a MySA article from July 11. They say,

“NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is enjoying his new home and community in Texas. The former San Antonio resident O’Neal recently bought a home in Dallas in June. And, he hasn’t been shy about being seen out in public and being a generous neighbor. 

Social media posts have shown O’Neal feeding a homeless woman and giving her cash, as well as buying a random lucky family a washing machine and 75-inch TV at a local Best Buy.

O’Neal is known for buying things for others while shopping. In February, he bought a child a bike while at a Walmart, according to an article from Open Court Basketball. The former NBA player said, “Whenever I’m going in a store from now on, I’m buying somebody something.”

Shaq says that whenever he goes out to a store, he’ll buy someone something. He states that he does this because he wants to make people happy.


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