Steve Field Reopens in Plano

After closing but hinting a comeback last year, the famous steakhouse finally opens again in the same spot according to a Dallas Morning News article from March 4 which reports, 


“Steve Fields Steak & Lobster Lounge’s new restaurant in West Plano is open at Park Boulevard and Preston Road. But regulars probably already knew that.


But when it closed in September 2019, Fields thought that was it. He was tired, and the owners of the building had sold the property, with nowhere for the steakhouse to go. But Fields got a little bored, not working in restaurants like he always had. And he realized the neighbors wanted their steakhouse back.


“It was so emotional for so many people,” Fields says. “For 14 years, they’ve celebrated all these special occasions with family, friends and business associates.”


He made just two or three phone calls to former customers, and he says he had enough funding to resurrect Steve Fields in a new location. Fields says it’s funny that he went looking all over Collin County for the next right restaurant spot and ended up so close to home.”


However, the closing of the restaurant wasn’t due to pandemic since they closed down way before COVID started. In a Dallas News Morning article back in 2019, it says, 


“Fields says they sold the Steve Fields building in Plano about five years ago. “We were going to stay another year,” he says, thinking back, “and then sales actually went up that first year.”


Five years later, it’s time to move on, he says.


Fields isn’t headed for retirement, he says: He’s interested in new restaurant opportunities and remains an operating partner at Truluck’s.”


A lot of people were excited and delighted to hear the reopening of Steve Fields Steak & Lobster Lounge and some were already booked for the exact opening day, making the restaurant fully booked for the opening day and the next few days. One comemented in a Facebook post,  


“We’re so excited about this! See you Sunday!!”


Another man said, 


“Congratulations on the re-opening Steve!! Can’t wait to try the new location…..”


Back then, the restaurant was a very popular place to listen to live piano performances but the new location will tone down the music and focus on the modern designs that will be appreciated by loyal customers. 


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