Strange Lights Over Plano Sky Puzzle Locals

Strange light that appeared over the Plano night sky has left residents stunned and curious. Locals discussed the strange incident on this Reddit thread. 

Did anyone else see the lights in the sky? There were 10-20 lighted objects flying over Oak Point around 7.30PM. They were all flying perfectly in synch and one started flashing and started to fall. Then a few more joined much more scattered than the others. Very freaky.

        Theories about the origin of the lights are varied. “Drones?” One Redditor suggested in the comments of the thread. “What about those hot air paper lanterns that people often set off at weddings and stuff?” suggested another local Redditor. Others on Reddit responded more humorously since one commenter simply proposed “Swamp gas” as the source of the lights. 

This incident is similar to the strange lights seen over Colorado and Nebraska late last year and early this year. The NYTimes reports:

Since before Christmas, sheriff’s departments in the region have been bombarded with reports of large drones with blinking lights and wingspans of up to 6 feet flying over rural towns and open fields. The drones have unnerved residents, prompted a federal investigation and made international news, even though they may be perfectly legal. And still, they remain unexplained.

Though months apart, these two late-night sightings are stirring up curiosity and confusion in their local communities. You can read more about the Colorado-Nebraska drone sightings here. Go here for the full video of the Plano lights. 

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