Tattoo Shops in Plano

The presence of tattoo shops in downtown and residential neighborhoods was the spotlight during a meeting of city officials back in March 21 according to an Audacy article from March 26. They say,  


“The City of Plano is looking to its neighbors for direction on whether or not to allow solo tattoo shops to open downtown. City staff is looking at six surrounding cities, three of which allow tattoo shops downtown.


City planners say Plano’s tattooing regulations haven’t changed since 2001. Right now, solo tattoo shops are not allowed to open downtown.


The Planning and Zoning Commission voted unanimously to hold a public hearing to consider changing the rules.”


Although the public hearing will yet take place sometime in April, commissioners and city staff are already looking at an affirmative stance and decision according to a Community Impact article from March 25 which reports, 


“Commissioner Bennett Ratliff said he lives around downtown and feels like residents are open to tattoo shops being allowed.


“Nobody seems to have a problem with it,” he said. “I think we have got to figure out how to write the language so there are some fairly tight guidelines of where [tattoo shops] can be located and how many we can have.”


According to a study presented by city staff, the cities of Garland and Grand Prairie allow two tattoo shops to operate at the same time in their downtown areas while Richardson has no limit on the number of tattoo businesses allowed. The cities of Frisco, Arlington and McKinney do not permit tattoo shops to operate in their respective downtown areas.


“Tattoo parlors are not a bad neighbor, but they do need to be slightly controlled,” Commissioner Arthur Stone said. “You do not want three in a row all in the same block.”.


Most people seem to be alright with the prospective ordinance and that the public hearing will still take place, however these will not preclude the Plano officials in being adamant to conduct further studies, research and surveys regarding the effects of the tattoo shops. 


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