Teacher Pay increases in Garland ISD

Garland ISD will be providing additional pay to teachers to address the growing problems on teacher shortage according to a Dallas Morning News article from April 27 which reports, 


“Garland ISD teachers will have a $60,000 starting salary next year, following a vote by the district’s board of trustees Tuesday night.


New employees will also get signing bonuses of $500 or $1,000.


The higher pay for teachers is one way the district is trying to attract and retain talent. All employees will also get between a $1,000 and $2,000 retention stipend, and a 4% midpoint pay raise. Teachers will see a midpoint 5% raise.


“We’re honored to be able to reward our staff for their hard work and dedication to GISD,” the district said in a social media post.”


However, Garland ISD will not be the only district that will increase the salary and add incentives for the teachers as other ISD’s are also on the move to address the ongoing issue according to a Fox 4 News article from May 2. They say, 


Dallas ISD says brand-new teachers can earn between $60,000 and $70,000.


Both Dallas and Fort Worth ISDs are offering hiring bonuses up to $5,000.


“It’s not an attractive profession right now,” said Steven Poole with the United Educators Association. “Not only is the pay low compared to other professions, the workload is immense. And there’s a lot of people getting into the profession realizing this isn’t for me.”


Union reps for teachers in districts across the metroplex say the changes are an improvement from starting salaries that were in the low to mid-50s, but more changes need to happen.


“It’s not just pay. It’s working conditions, too. Teachers are tired, and teachers are burnt out,” Poole said. “So we really need to take a look at as a profession, what are our expectations of teachers?”


Currently, the teacher shortage is due to the significant number of teachers that are retiring. Additionally, college graduates are opting for other career paths since the benefits of teachers are not attractive to them. 


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