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Visit Dr. Jivnani as a new patient for an exam and cleaning and get a professional teeth whitening kit made with a custom impression of your teeth at absolutely NO cost!*

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🏷 One dentist grade teeth whitening kit with professional custom impression and fitted tray

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Custom Teeth Whitening Kit RETAIL VALUE: $350 With Coupon: FREE*
Right now, new patients who schedule an appointment for an exam and cleaning qualify for a free whitening kit. This is a professional kit and is more effective than over the counter whiteners. A custom impression will be taken of your teeth from which we will make a mold which will then be used to make your custom trays which will hold a professional whitening gel and allow you to quickly and easily administer your own whitening treatments in the comfort of your own home. 
Claim This Offer: 
To claim this offer, simply fill out the form to request your preferred appointment type and time. We will reach out to you shortly to finish scheduling your appointment.  

Fine Print

*Promotional offer valid for new patients of Dr. Jivnani, DDS and D&K Texas Family Dentistry in Plano. This offer is valid for patients who complete an exam and teeth cleaning or a treatment of equal or greater value than a teeth cleaning and only when teeth whitening treatments are not disallowed by the dentist. The retail value of the teeth whitening kit is an estimate based on average market prices. 

Patient requirements: 

  • Patient receiving whitening treatment must be 12 years of age or older. 
  • Teeth whitening treatments should not be used for over 14 days without the supervision of a dentist. 
  • Patient must follow instructions provided by the manufacturer and / or the dentist in use of teeth whitening kit.
  • This teeth whitening method only works on natural teeth. Thus there can be a miss-match in tooth color when used on teeth that neighbor implants or partials. 
  • Teeth whitening may not be offered to patients for which that treatment is deemed inappropriate by the dentist due to various conditions including but not limited to poor oral health, gum disease, or conditions which must be addressed prior to safely applying whitening treatments.